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Tips for writing a letter to the editor
• Write a brief letter on any subject. The shorter and more to the point the better. Letters should be 200 words or fewer.
• Because the News-Press cannot publish letters that cannot be verified, your name, address and daytime telephone number must be entered into the form.
• All letters are subject to editing for clarification and length.
• Choose your words carefully. Letters that contain libelous statements will likely either be edited or rejected.
• We prefer to have letters submitted in typed or electronically transmitted form. However, we will accept handwritten letters, provided the handwriting is legible.
Submit by e-mail: mailbag@news-press.com
Or send through the Web:http://www.news-press.net/CS/index.php?addnewsform&PHPSESSID=575924489ef2a142407b1788c0c26f47
• If you are sending handwritten letters by fax, please be sure the writing is dark enough to transmit clearly. The News-Press fax number is (239) 334-0708.
• If you prefer to mail the News-Press a letter, address your correspondence to:
Mailbag, P.O. Box 10, Fort Myers, FL 33902-0010.



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