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RESOURCES: BikeWalkLee releases and opinion pieces

BikeWalkLee supports restoration of Lee County impact fees (1/29/15)

BikeWalkLee supports LeeTran fare increases (8/14/14)

BikeWalkLee urges MPO action on land use scenarios (6/12/14)

"Dangerous by Design"... the 2014 report. Click here for the BWL news release on this updated report, or here for the complete media package (5/20/14).

Cape Coral Bike-Ped hits route-naming milestone (6/27/13)

BikeWalkLee comments on the 2013 Lee County budget and pending Capital Improvement Plan decisions (6/18/13)

BikeWalkLee comments on Lee County CIP recommentdations (5/30/13)

BikeWalkLee urges state legislators to pass a ban on texting while driving (12/10/12)

From News-Press: "Bike trails abound in Southwest Florida" and "Everyone Rides brings community together" (12/6/12)

From News-Press: "Street, bike concept betters communities" (11/25/12)

From Florida Weekly: "Pedaling changes: Lee’s roads become a bit safer for bikers" (11/21/12)

BikeWalkLee supports calls for a traffic signal at Briarcliff intersection (10/29/12)... and the response from the Florida DOT (12/7/12)

Analysis: Transportation future and facing fiscal realities in Lee County & beyond (10/19/12)

Lee County makes progress towards goal of filling gaps in its bicycle and pedestrian facilities network (10/13/12)

BikeWalkLee receives APA Florida's Outstanding Public Interest Group of the Year Award (9/18/12)

BIkeWalkLee joins other advocates to offer MAP-21 implementation recommendations to the Florida Dept. of Transportation (8/10/12). (The associated press release is available here.)

BikeWalkLee's response to the Florida Highway Patrol letter concerning the Tracey Kleinpell investigation (6/21/12)

BikeWalkLee's comments to the Local Planning Agency on the county's proposed Capital Improvements Element in the Lee Plan (5/31/12)

BikeWalkLee comments on a proposal to remove trees from a Daniels Parkway development (5/28/12)

BIkeWalkLee speaks out on Tracey Kleinpell's death and the failure of the law enforcement system... click here for the full statement and here for the op-ed published in the News-Press (5/31/12). The May 19 News-Press editorial on Kleinpell is available here. BWL also sent letters to Gov. Scott, the Florida Hiighway Patrol and the State Attorney's Office.

BikeWalkLee comments on a solution for the Del Prado Blvd. pedestrian issues at NE 3rd Terrace (5/11/12).

BikeWalklee supports the Senate version of the current transportation authorization bill in conference (5/9/12)

BikeWalkLee comments on the proposed Research & Enterprise Diamond (5/2/1012)

BikeWalkLee's position paper on use of side bike/ped paths by motorized vehicles (4/18/12)

BikeWalkLee's letter to Lee County Commissioners on impact fees (4/3/12)

BikeWalkLee's letter to Cape Coral on pedestrian safety issues (2/27/12)

BikeWalkLee urges Sens. Nelson and Rubio to support the Cardin-Cochran Amendment to the Senate transportation bill (2/10/12)

BikeWalkLee urges rejection of HR. 7, the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act (2/9/12)

BikeWalkLee part of a successful bicycle safety rodeo at
McAuliffe & Oasis Charter Elementary in Cape Coral (2/6/12)

Ride your bike to the JetBlue Park's grand opening on Feb. 25 (2/4/12)

BikeWalkLee supports Collier's Vanderbilt Drive project (2/1/12)

Guest opinion:"Florida should ban distractions while driving" ... News-Press (1/22/12)

"Meet the News-Press' 'Heroes 2011' finalists" article ... includes BikeWalkLee (12/27/11)

Guest opinion: "Sens. Nelson, Rubio agree: All Floridians deserve safe roads"...News-Press (12/21/11)

BikeWalkLee honors Lee County staffers for their Complete Streets progress by awarding them the 2011 Complete Streets Champion of the Year (11/8/11)

BikeWalkLee's letter in support of Lee County's TIGER III grant application(10/20/11)

"Lee seeks to secure path funds" article-- News-Press, 10/25/11

"No joy riding in much of Lee" article -- News-Press, 10/18/11

BikeWalkLee applauds adoption of Complete Streets resolution by the Fort Myers City Council (10/4/11)

BikeWalkLee's op-ed: "Transportation plan already obsolete" (9/14/11)

BikeWalkLee urges Lee County commissioners to support District Driving Awareness Month (6/20/11)

BikeWalklee opposes further reduction in county impact fees beyond the 27% curtailment recommended for two years. (6/10/11)

The News-Press bike safety package (6/5/11): The News-Press editorial, BikeWalkLee's commentary, Doug MacGregor's cartoon and letters to the editor on June 5-7.

BikeWalkLee supports the city of Fort Myers' Complete Streets resolution (5/27/11)

Florida ranked 'most dangerous state' for pedestrians (5/24/11); read the full "Dangerous by Design" report for the nation and for the state of Florida; hear the media briefing for release of the national report (link to MP3 file, play with Windows Media Player); see how Lee County compares with Florida and the nation; and try an Interactive map of fatalities...enter address & find pedestrian fatalities (2000-2007) within a 60-mile radius here.

BikeWalkLee applauds adoption of a countywide bicycle pedestrian master plan (5/20/11)

BikeWalkLee urges expansion of Cape Coral bike lanes (5/16/11)

2011 'Ride of Silence' to honor two local riders (5/15/11)

BWL's comments to Gov. Rick Scott on upcoming FDOT recission decisions (4/25/11)

BWL's comments on the proposed Florida Gulf Coast University master plan (4/15/11)

BWL's written testimony to the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure (3/27/11)

BWL salutes the local winners of the 2011 Florida Bicycle Association's annualawards (3/22/11)

BWL supports fixing the transit gap between Lee and Collier counties (2/27/11)

BWL supports no-texting-while-driving laws to the Southwest Florida Legislative Delegation (2/26/11)

BWL comments on the county's current Evaluation Appraisal Report setting a vision for the county's future (2/21/11)

Meet the BWL community representatives (2/20/11)

BWL letter to Lee County commissioners for the Jan. 10, 2011, Management & Planning meeting.

BWL comments on 2060 Florida Transportation Plan (Oct. 31, 2010)

BWL comments on proposed Fort Myers Beach trolley lane (Oct. 8, 2010)

BWL speaks out on "distracted driving" as part of a News-Press editorial page package (Sept. 26, 2010)

BWL opposes proposed cuts to county transit budget (Sept. 17, 2010)

BWL applauds Sanibel's designation as a Bike Friendly Community (Sept. 14, 2010)

BWL letter to Gov. Crist on FDOT rescission decisions (Sept. 7, 2010)

BWL letter to Gov. Crist on upcoming federal recission decisions (Aug. 18, 2010)

BWL honors Ray Judah as bike/walk champion (Aug. 17, 2010)

BWL seeks Sen. Bill Nelson's support for "Livable Communities Act." (July 27, 2010)

BWL speaks out on Cape bicyclist's death in letter to Lee County commissioners (May 24, 2010)

BWL leader honored by statewide bicycle group (May 17, 2010)

BWL letter to Gov. Crist to support Complete Streets (April 27, 2010)

BWL supports MPO vote in favor of USDOT Complete Streets policy (March 22, 2010)

Letter to Lee County Legislative Delegation on bike/ped safety (March 9, 2010)

"Make roads safer for bikes, pedestrians" -- News-Press editorial (March 6, 2010)

"Legislature should act on alarming pedestrian, bicyclist deaths" -- News-Press commentary (Feb. 24, 2010)

Alliance for Biking & Walking 2010 Benchmarking release (1/26/10)

Package and release on the Lee County Legislative Delegation (12/2009)

Letter to Gov. Charlie Crist (11/20/09)

BWL applauds Lee County commission on Complete Streets vote (11/10/09)

Support for Lee County's Complete Streets resolution (7/22/09)

MPO actions could make Lee streets a little more complete (6/10/09)

News-Press editorial on MPO action (6/17/09)

Who makes the local and regional transportation decisions?

Analysis and release on the Oberstar transportation bill (June 2009)

Summary of the BikeWalkLee users survey (November 2009)

"Dangerous by Design" -- full report or summary

Why does Lee County need a Complete Streets policy?

What are Complete Streets?

Introduction to BikeWalkLee (May 2009) and launch report



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