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BikeWalkLee seeks to work with local governments, officials and staff to help create a culture of planning that works to complete Lee County's streets so that all users of our transportation networks are considered on the front end of any project or improvement. This effort includes attending and testifying at public meetings to raise awareness of complete streets, analyzing data and legislation to make the case for necessary enhancements and dangerous infrastructure gaps and helping to identify options and opportunities that would enhance Lee County's evolution into a model complete streets community.

Click here for an explanation of our 2015 priorities, and here for our 2014 scorecard of actions..

What are some of BWL's accomplishments in 2014? (Click here for our 2013 accomplishments, click here for our 2012 accomplishments, click here for our 2011 accomplishments, here for 2010 accomplishments, and here for 2009 accomplishments.)

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